Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Support Living Working Artists!

Speaking from experience here... making a living making art can be VERY difficult. To keep the artistic dream alive, it's important to support artists by buying their art! Many creative and talented people showcase their artwork on ETSY.com They may all do it for different reasons - to support their schooling, to support their family, because they just HAVE to create and need an outlet for all their work, to make new friends, to save up for a vacation, to save up to BUY from other Etsy artists! Whatever their drive, they've been driven to create. From soaps to clothes, purses, furniture, paintings, cards, jewelry, books, and many many many other items, they have made an incredible amount of handmade art! To anybody who can, put down that generic chemical laden soap in your grocery isle and check out what you can find on Etsy. Put back that clearance skirt (yes, I know it's a great deal) but think about the total cost and buy handmade instead.

Here we come to the reason for this blog. Simply - promote Etsy artists and promote buying handmade.

I hope you enjoy the amazing products of these creative people. And feel free to visit my shop too!

The Art of Jennifer Lommers


Three Red Hens said...

Thanks for writing such a convincing argument for handmade. I just hope more people read this post & support Etsy artists. :-)

CastoCreations said...

YAY Handmade. I have definitely adjusted my attitude about buying handmade over the last three years. :)